Last weekend was the third AnimePunch here in Columbus.  I’ve been the department head of the Artist Alley for the past two years now, though most of the work involved with that is done in the three months before the con, and up to around 9 PM Friday night when all the artists check in for their tables.  My other duties consisted of being a deputy of sorts to the wonderful Susan, who ran ConOps, and essentially taking care of ConOps during the wee hours of the morning so she could get sleep and remain functional.

Once again, I got very little sleep, even less than last year.  A few hours Thursday night, a short nap Friday night, then 6 hours from 10 to 4 on Saturday after being up all night.  I checked out around 12:30 yesterday because I really needed to crash, and wasn’t at all functional for teardown.  I was in bad shape.

But I did get to hang out with my sister Kelly, and the rest of OLAC.  We had some drinks in the bar on Saturday, where Stephen Poon of the Spoony Bards accidentally spilled some of his drink on me, the rascal.  I also ran into Aaron and Diana of WARP a couple times.

My only event was the Evangelion Puppet Show, in which I played Katsuragi Misato, who I also played last year.  The puppet show actually had several weeks worth of planning this year, and to put it simply, it rocked rocked rocked.  Our director Zach took over as the Narrator when Patrick Seitz, the guest who was going to perform, didn’t show up, but Tristan MacAvery performed with us once again and the show was just great.  We actually separated puppeteers and actors this time, so the actors weren’t hunched down under the stage trying to work a puppet, hold a microphone, and turn script pages at the same time.

I ran into Patrick later in the Consuite, and it turned out he simply forgot about the puppet show and felt bad for not making it.  He’s such a cool guy, he’s forgiven.

I was initally going to help run the Fun & Games event as well, but not realizing it was at 1 AM Friday instead of Saturday, it happened to be during my nap on Friday night.  It’s kind of a shame, since I was looking forward to it, but the sleep I got was beneficial.

Overall, it was a good con.  The general consensus of the attendees is that it was the best Punch yet, and from the staff side of it, we were just about completely on top of things.  Our hotel was very nice, the hotel staff was very helpful and cooperative, and apart from some minor property damage, nothing was terribly messed up.

So that was AnimePunch!  I’m undecided on whether I’ll be staffing next year, since I’ll be long out of school by then.   We shall see.

Now for something I’ve been sitting on for a few days:  I’ve accepted a position at the Cartoon Research Library at Ohio State.  The Department of Art maintains several blogs, one of them being a job posting, and lots of queries for art-related jobs and gigs come through.  (Mostly weddings looking for student photographers, etc.)  I saw a posting one night about two weeks ago after getting home from Starbucks for a digital imaging assistant, and basically I will be scanning comics from the CRL’s library for use in the Treasure of Fine Art database.

I spent about two hours crafting my first real resume as soon as I saw the posting.  I wanted it, and I’m pretty thrilled to actually get the job.   The equipment is pretty amazing, and I’m excited to get started.