I also went to Cleveland Colossal Convention and Matsuricon this summer, but since both are smaller cons with short summaries I didn’t think they merited their own separate posts, unlike Connecticon.

ColossalCon was a pretty okay con.  I was originally supposed to be the Artist Alley head for this con, but due to various incompetencies and miscommunication, it went to someone else.  Not that I’m bitter or anything.  I tried to make a last-ditch effort to get into the AA myself to sell, but alas, no dice on that either.  So I gophered instead.

I spent Friday manning the con’s green room, which was basically a consuite that wasn’t open to the public, only staff and guests.  It was probably the best place I could’ve been put, since I basically just had to straighten up abandoned plates and pop cans, add more soda to the coolers to chill, make sure people got fed, and watch TV as people filtered in and out.

I finally got some of Mike Thorn’s curry, after two missed chances at the last two APs, but it was well worth the wait, and the horrible burning sensation.  I even like spicy food, thanks to my conditioning working at Rice King, but this was even hotter than I expected.  But delicious.

I have to mention the cosplay simulcast as this point.  The con had a closed circuit TV channel in the hotel rooms that was playing anime all day, and was scheduled to air the cosplay simulcast on Friday night, since they had two cosplay events.  However, they couldn’t get the video feed up for whatever reason, so instead, Mike Thorn used his laptop to IM the computer that was hooked up to the CC channel… and narrated the cosplay via AIM.

I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a cosplay event more.  There were actually some minor tech issues with the CC channel during the simulcast (like the IM window being cutoff at the bottom, or the few minutes that the channel went dead) that I reported to Thorn via text message, so in a small way, I saved the simulcast.  Though Chris and I might’ve been the only ones actually watching.

Saturday, Chris and I went to a friend’s barbecue, so we weren’t at the con at all.  Fun was had, I learned how to play Reversi, and if it hadn’t rained I might’ve gone swimming in Lake Erie.  We also played Dungeon, a treasure-hunting board game from the 80s by the same company as Dungeons and Dragons.

Sunday we went back just to check in with people, and I got my gopher badge refunded, since apparently they were impressed that I was in the green room for 11 hours straight.  After that, it was back to Columbus!

A few weekends ago was Matsuricon, as well.  Matsuricon kind of blew last year.  It’s such a small con, and such a boring con that my sales were really really bad.  I think I just managed to break even late on Sunday last year.  However, my AA merchandise lineup has expanded considerably since last year, so I’m sure that had a lot to do with my much better sales.

A few days before the convention, I bought a used dolly to cart around my AA stuff since I knew I’d be packing and setting up mostly by myself over the weekend.  It had been chained to a sign across the street from my usual morning bus stop for about a week, with a sign saying it was for sale for ten bucks, and to go to such-and-such apartment to buy it.  A day would go by and I’d think, “Hmm, that would be really handy for Artist Alley stuff…”  Another day would go by and I’d think, “Hmm, it’s still there…”  Another day, “It’s still there…!!”  So on Thursday, I took a ten up to the owner and carted it back home, victorious.

My sister Kelly, and our friends from various parts of Ohio and Indiana, were also there, so I got lots of visitors throughout the weekend, and Chris even came out to sit with me for a good part of Saturday.  Kelly left her laptop with me at my table, so I at least got to play with the internet when I didn’t have people to talk to or draw for.

There was even a lovely bit of con drama to keep things interesting, involving some jerk tangentally related to our group and the Spike Spiegel cosplayer whose arm he broke.  Insert roll of eyes.  Some people are just ridiculously stupid.

All in all, Matsuricon wasn’t totally worthless this year.  I broke even early on Saturday, which is a marked improvement from 2007.  I’ll probably be there again next year, since it’s a fairly inexpensive con if I’m selling.