Tsubasacon was last weekend, and I was in the Artist Alley! This is my second year at Tsubasa, and happens to be one of the cons where I know a good portion of the staff.

Sales were good, and fun was had. It was still somehow an exhausting weekend, for being a small (but mighty) convention.

Last week, I began my final quarter of school. In ten short weeks, I will be an alumnus of Ohio State. Finally, eh? It doesn’t seem like that long since I moved into Baker West, but then again, it does.

My big goal during this last quarter is to complete a 24 Hour Comic. I’ll be attempting this for the first time this weekend, so wish me luck. I’m hoping to host an actual event somewhere on campus on October 18th, the official 24 Hour Comics Day, and I’ve got several classmates and acquaintances interested in participating. Time is growing short, so I’m hoping I can get this together along with juggling my school work.

Garanos is currently on hiatus, for several reasons, not the least of which is school. I’ve been feeling very burnt out lately, which I kind of blame on the repetitive nature of my activities over the summer. Go to the library, go to Starbucks, work on Garanos, maybe get a full night’s sleep, lather-rinse-repeat. I didn’t get any more work done on Corner on Main like I wanted to, which is really unfortunate. I’m thinking if I can manage it, I might at least try to sketch out the next story track I have in mind during this quarter. At least then, I’d have something tangible to have in the back of my mind.

Some of the comic burnout might also be because of the repetitive nature of my coloring routine for Garanos.  I’ve been stepping up the art in the last chapter, so much so that I’m spending a lot more time on smaller, sometimes inane details, and it got very tiresome after 20-odd pages and hundreds of hours of work.  I want to look into time-saving tricks to apply to my coloring style during this hiatus.

I’m also no longer at Starbucks. It’s strange to think that it might be my last service industry job. I don’t think I’ve had a proper concept of “the weekend” since junior high, before I started working in the first place. I’ll miss my coworkers, but working at a huge corporation like that does start to chip away at your soul little by little.  It’s nice to know I don’t have to look one more huffy teenager in the eye as they order their sugar-laden status symbol coffee drinks.

I wont even go into the fact that my last performance review contained the criticism that my customer service was “good, but not legendary.”

I love the library and I get to stay there for a quarter after I graduate, so I have until March to look for a big kid job.

Stay tuned for some Twittering and blogging this weekend as I take on the 24 Hour Comic.