This is my third year staffing at AP, but I haven’t had as much responsibility as I have this year, being that I was simply Artist Alley coordinator the first two years.  This year, I took over Con Operations.  I’ve never been in a position of leadership before, so I was extremely nervous about doing this job, since my predecessor, Susan, was so good at it, and I had no leadership experience whatsoever.

The weekend is largely a blur now, but I have to give huge kudos and thanks to my fellow staffers and their support over the weekend.  If our staff hadn’t been comprised of cool, competent people, my job would have been much harder.  The worst thing that happened during the weekend was a minor head injury to a player in Legends of the Hidden Temple, so after getting through that, everything else seemed like a piece of cake, and to my surprise, running ConOps was not nearly as difficult as I’d expected.

It wasn’t a cakewalk by any means, but I’m very proud of what I accomplished in helping to run AP. I’m also very proud of the staff for going above and beyond in pretty much every way this year.  I’ve been experiencing this amazing afterglow in the wake of the convention that’s similar to the end of the 2007 event.  A really cool part of it is that I’m now better friends with a lot of people I only really knew by sight or by reputation from around other anime cons.

So, some things of note that I can still remember:


Jean, our Live Events guy, tended to either play this or say it anytime someone did anything remotely stupid.  Slowly chipping away at my soul, until Saturday night when I started doing it myself.  He seemed to regard it as a victory, since I’d been getting so annoyed at him and his posse whenever they did it.  There are many ways to put this, but my view on it boils down to, “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

The Protomen

I got to see the Protomen when they performed at AP in 2007, but unfortunately I was pretty much the only person who couldn’t go to the concert this year, since nobody else was qualified to stay in ConOps.  *cries*  On the other hand, since ConOps was dead for a good hour, I was able to straighten the place up, and my sister Kelly and I could hang out for awhile uninterrupted.

The Bar

I managed to give myself a break on Friday night, so I went to the bar to have a drink with my sister.  I look up and Michael, the con chair, is sitting on the other side of the bar with his parents, and when he sees me, he says, “Wait… if you’re here… and I’m here… THEN WHO’S RUNNING THE CON?!”  It was hilarious.


Running ConOps, and therefore, pretty much the entire convention, comes with certain perks.  As on Friday, I gave myself a break on Saturday night as well, so my sister and I went up to the ConSuite to get some sushi for dinner.  Since 2007, the Huff family has come to AP to make complimentary sushi for our ConSuite, which is pretty damn awesome, and Alex Huff, Son of Sushi Guy, proclaimed I had priority over everyone else waiting, and made me two rolls to take up to my sister’s hotel room!  The Huffs also sent trays of sushi down to ConOps at regular intervals, which really saved me from starvation at times, so a big thanks to them and their yummy sushi.

Sleeping Too Late

I let myself off-duty around 2 AM on Saturday night/Sunday morning, and knowing I really needed to get myself to sleep, my tactic was to go up to the ConSuite and get a nice strong drink that would help knock me out.  I have trouble falling asleep even on a normal night, and I knew I’d have even more trouble being as wound up as I got by Saturday night.  Anyways,  the alcohol tactic worked quite nicely, up until I woke up the next morning and realized it was 11:30 when I’d planned to get out of bed at 8.  In a panic, I called people letting them know I’d just woken up and was on my way, freaking out that no one had called me and that the con had exploded, but luckily everything was fine.

Post Con

The evacuation of the hotel went quite smoothly, and I myself managed to leave around 5 PM.  I was really craving some food completely unlike that which I’d been eating all weekend; tuna casserole, in particular, sounded really good.  To sate this, once I got home and took a shower, Chris and I went to dinner at Applebees, where I had a nice steak, mashed potatoes, and a salad, and felt much better.

The con afterparty was pretty awesome, and I had a really good time.  Then there was a staff dinner at Mongolian BBQ downtown on Monday night, which our Hotel Rep attended, and he bought us all drinks!

But after neglecting my poor boyfriend, not to mention my comic, for nearly a week, I’m glad that things are getting back to a normal flow.  My sleep schedule notwithstanding.  ^_^;