Garasu Cosplay Award GarasuNoShiCon was this past weekend in Perrysburg, Ohio at Owens Community College.  It was the very first convention I’ve ever attended as a guest!  The name “garasu no shi” roughly translates to “city of glass,” which is Toledo’s nickname.  Since it was so close to my hometown and it was a first-year convention, I decided to try my luck and ask them to have me as a guest, and they graciously accepted.

It turned out that several of my friends were already on staff in the cosplay department, many of them alumni of Ohayocon’s cosplay department, so they asked me to do some art for the cosplay awards as well, which I’ll share here in the coming week.  ^_^

The weekend was an interesting experience for me, since I wasn’t sure what to expect from a first-year convention.  Despite Ohio being very saturated with anime conventions, I’m glad there’s one in my old neck of the woods now.

Other guests included the Salad Time Soldiers,  and Gavin Goszka, a musician.  I got to see tons and tons of people I know, such as a few of my Dollar Drawing regulars.  My neighbor in the Artist Alley was Melody Moore, of Full Steam Ahead, as well as several other comics.

Apart from a Photoshop panel I did on Sunday morning, I spent the weekend at my table in the Artist Alley, doing my usual thing.  Chris came with me, as well as my friends Susan and Jon, so I had plenty of company.  I even ran into my old friend Brandon, from high school, who I hadn’t seen in a few years, so it was nice to see him.

I think Garasu is a good con to foster a relationship with, so I hope to continue attending for many years.  ^_^