This was my second Marcon, and after having a kind of boring time last year, I decided to actually get more involved and became a panelist.  It worked out that I had one panel per day!  Unfortunately, a week before, I twisted my ankle.  It was a pretty bad twist this time (I’ve had ankle problems since I was a kid) and it hadn’t completely healed yet, which made me a little slow throughout the weekend.  I had it wrapped on Friday and Saturday, but felt comfortable enough to leave it unwrapped on Sunday.  (But with a bandage in my purse just in case.)

My Friday panel was “Art in the New Millenium: What is an Original?” with fellow panelists Donna Waltz and Patricia McCracken.  Our audience consisted of Chris and a young lady who I think was attending Patricia, who was Marcon’s Artist guest of honor.  Nonetheless, we had a good discussion about digital art and what makes an original, as well as touching on how the fine art world’s opnion of digital art is changing as it becomes more accepted.

My Saturday panel was “Comics vs. Graphic Novels,” with fellow panelists Janette Davis, who is a friend of mine, Max Ink, and William Levy.  We talked about long-form vs. short-form comics and storytelling and such.

My Sunday panel, “Today’s Paint and Canvas: Digital Art,” was first thing in the morning, and reunited me with Donna and Patricia, as well as David Ziels.  Since it was at 10 AM on Sunday of the con, turnout was not great.  ^_^;  Apart from Chris and Patricia’s husband, there was just one other audience member, but we did get into some really good discussion, so I hope it was helpful to her.

I also gave blood on Saturday afternoon, since there wasn’t much I wanted to do at the time, and there was a plethora of proof for those who did:  you got a pin, a con ribbon, a t-shirt, a brightly-colored bandage, and the obligatory “I Gave Blood” sticker.  I ended up being able to do a double-red donation, which is where they take your blood, seperate out the red blood cells, and then pump your plasma back into you along with a small amount of saline, so you don’t lose any fluids in the process.  The blood is then ready for transfusion after it’s tested, so it’s good for trauma victims and newborns and others who need blood transfusions immediately.

The other panels I went to were varied in quality.  On Saturday morning, I went to a Bookkeeping for Artists panel by Patricia, which turned out to be extremely helpful.  This year is the first year I’m really keeping track of what I spend on my comics, so I got a lot of good advice.

I also went to a panel about “the emerging ethics of social media,” the description of which turned out to be more interesting than what the panel did.  It was mostly a talk about copyright, which is fine, but I was hoping they’d go into different territory.  The one panelist, a lady who teaches cybereconomics and ethics at a nearby college, seemed like a pretty cool, knowledgable lady, though.

Chris and I also attended a Discworld play, The 5th Elephant.  One of the actors, Brooke, was a friend of Chris’ from playing Scrabble on Facebook.  I’ve read the first four books of the Discworld series, but I haven’t gotten to 5th Elephant yet, so I’m not sure what was changed from the book and what wasn’t.  ^_^  It was entertaining, though!

The last panel we went to was “Star Trek TNG — Is it still relevant?” which was really interesting.  I really need to make a dent in the rest of the series, since I’ve only seen the first two seasons in their entirety.

So all in all, a good weekend.  ^_^  Since I relied on the COTA buses for transportation, I had to leave early every night, and thus missed out on some late-night programming that looked like it would have been fun.  It also turned out that I had enough points on my Subway rewards card to get a free meal and a half, so I was able to eat cheaply over the weekend.  ^_^

My con ribbons were pretty chill for Marcon, with a total of 3 ribbons:

Marcon 44 Badge

  1. Panelist ribbon (for being a panelist, of course)
  2. Purple Rulz (given to me by Donna Waltz)
  3. Blood Donor (from the blood drive, along with two heart-shaped “SF” pins.  The second pin was Chris’. ^_^)