ColossalCon 09

After being in the Cleveland area for many years, ColossalCon moved to the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio, also home to Cedar Point.  I’ve never been to Sandusky without going to Cedar Point, much less stayed for more than a day, since Toledo is just an hour away, so it was interesting actually doing the opposite of those things in Sandusky for a change.  ^_^

I start right off saying that this con was great.  It was my best con of the year so far, and I’m really glad I did well at my Artist Alley sales.  This is my last con until Connecticon, which is at the beginning of August, so I’m happy I went out on a high note!  It’s like a breath of fresh air.

So, let’s see.  Friday night, I had my Photoshop panel, which had a good turnout!  The audience wasn’t particularly talkative, so I felt like there were some periods of dead air during those times when I would be clicking away, doing the coloring.  There were several people who did ask questions at the end, though, so I hope the panel was informative to everyone who came.  ^_^

You can see the picture I colored here:

Garanos Coloring Demo

I was kind of glad my panel was on Friday so I didn’t have to worry about anything else the rest of the weekend.  ^_^  I spent lots of time drawing people’s faces, and I even did a Sharpie Tattoo for one girl!

ColossalCon 09

She was very excited about them, especially the fact that I had a pink marker to add color to the wings.  They matched her outfit!

I also sold more comics at this convention than ever before!  I sold my last two copies of Alex’s Guide, three Shepherds, and even a Garanos— to someone who hadn’t read it before!

Let’s see.  There are definitely some shoutouts to make.  First, there’s Angela Melzak, aka Kuroi Tenshi, who was right across from me in the AA, and whose manly-manflesh-banner I got to stare at all weekend.  ^_^  I was also neighbors with Emily of The Bend, who gave out free candy all weekend!

I am so there next year.  :D