Last weekend, I was at Matsuricon in Worthington, Ohio.  I was pleasantly surprised by this convention!  I’ve had low sales at Matsuricon the last two years, but I did incredibly well this weekend.  I think this was largely due to several commissions requested by one person, a friend of a friend, but it’s still really awesome.

Matsuricon Pen Sketches Matsuricon: Maya Pen Sketch

I forgot to take pencils with me on Friday, but I had some ballpoint pens in various colors, so I doodled with those instead.  I’m new to Babylon 5, having just finished the second season recently, so I tried drawing some of the aliens from memory.  I think my Vorlon is pretty sweet.  Then I drew one riding a unicorn.  There’s also a Pak’Ma’Ra, a Centauri, a Shadow, and one of the Shadow’s spaceships.

Across from me in the Artist Alley were Alex and Joe, the team behind No Need For Bushido, and Mindy of White Noise!  When they weren’t running one of their millions of panels over the weekend, that is.  They were added to the famous t-shirt, and it was really nice to finally meet them in person.  I even managed to horn my way in on the Comicsplosion!!! panel on Saturday afternoon, in which many things were discussed, including but not limited to: print comics, Star Wars, Voltron/Go Lions, Death Note, Trigun, Slayers, nerd cred, and Megatokyo.

Matsuricon: COMICSPLOSION!!! Lineup

More sketches:

Matsuricon: CarMEOWdansen Matsuricon Sketches

(This method actually works for a lot of annoying memetic songs, not just Caramelldansen.)