Youmacon 09 Feltie GaraAfter hearing many good things about Youmacon over the years, I was finally able to go!  Between Youma and Sugoi, which have been on the same weekend for at least the last two years, Youma’s artist alley registration was open first, so that determined my choice between the two cons.  And I actually stayed with some local friends, so I saved a lot of money this weekend!

The weekend began when I stopped off in Toledo to pick up my new (old) car.  I’m lucky enough to be getting my grandparents’ old car, a red 1995 Lumina.  It has one whole cupholder!  Its name is Unit 02, which I think has an appropriate amount of dark humor that a short list of people can appreciate.

I got up to Troy in the early afternoon to find that Michigan is a baffling land of u-turns and stop signs that were tossed across a map and put in place wherever they landed.  The artist alley was quite hopping when I got inside, and the only empty table that wasn’t already claimed with a “reserved” sign was the one right next to the door, shoved into the corner.  I was afraid that the table was going to be a bust, since it had been avoided so by everyone else, but it turned out that this was the best possible location I could’ve asked for!

Like ColossalCon, it was just out of the way enough that people didn’t seem like they were crowding or in the way, and the line for the Dealer’s Room formed right before me just like Ohayocon 2007.  My neighbor was Dave and company of Snafu Comics, and it was nice to meet them even if we didn’t get a chance to talk much over the weekend.

This was a great con!  As awesome as ColossalCon was, Youmacon officially blew it out of the water as my best con all year.  I don’t think I stopped drawing people’s faces for more than 10 minutes at a time.  And a number of readers stopped by the table too!  I gave away mini-buttons to those who did. ^_^

Now for pictures!

Youmacon 09 AA Table

My table setup.  I did a few things differently this time around, namely putting coasters on a shelf and having clearance buttons on the table.  Naruto buttons are getting clearanced from now on. -_-;;

Youmacon 09 Head Guy

Head guy strikes again!  I drew on this guy’s head at Penguicon, if you remember.  ^_^

Youmacon 09 Badge Youmacon 09 Badge

The Artist badge consisted of a regular three-day pass with a larger card that hung behind it to indicate my artistry, but I found this rather boring.  So I drew on my Artist badge.

Youmacon 09 JunJun

Lastly, an awesome JunJun cosplayer.  There was also an entire group of Sailor senshi that looked fantastic.  I always appreciate that Sailor Moon is still represented in cosplay after all these years.