Steel City Con table

Last month, I went to Steel City Con in Pittsburgh, PA.  As you will no doubt have read in Pete, Kez, and Trevor’s con reports, the weekend didn’t go that great, but the company was what made it an awesome trip despite all that.

Firstly, this convention was mis-marketed.  It really wanted to be a comics and collectibles show, and made a showy affair of having independent artists there in their Artist Alley, but the audience that actually showed up there did not have any interest in us whatsoever.  No love.  So for the most part, the weekend was spent being grumpy at our respective tables while the occasional person would wander by and maybe look through prints or comics.

I did make a little money, though.  One of the dealers a little bit down the row from me gave me a Mighty Muggs blank action figure, which I made into him!  It was a fun little project to pass the time with, which I finished on Saturday afternoon.  I used Bic and Sharpie markers, as well as a little bit of micron pen for details.  Here are the pictures I got:


He liked it so much that he gave me a whole stack of blank figures as thanks!  So I guess I’ll be playing with custom figures in the near future. ^_^

I also did a caricature of an adorable little kid.


Friday night, we all had dinner in the hotel restaurant, but we pooped out around 10:30 due to being exhausted.  Saturday night, after the show closed, we went over to the Monroeville Mall, where they shot the original Dawn of the Dead.  A toy/collectibles store in the mall had a little exhibit on the movie, which was pretty neat.  There were zombie mannequins, some props, lots of movie posters, and a miniature of the mall with a documentary playing above it.


After that, we went back to the hotel bar for some boisterous drawing for the rest of the night. ^_^

Sunday was pretty slow, once again, and when the show finally wrapped up, we all said our goodbyes and packed up.  It was really awesome hanging out with everyone, and I’m sure that had I gone to Steel City by myself, I would’ve been in a much fouler mood after it was over.  While it brought us all together, it’s very unlikely that we’ll go back again. ^_^;


You can see all my SCC photos on Flickr here.