Jan 31 2010 - 006

I finally got back to Ohayocon this year! I didn’t make it in last year, when they started doing the jurying/portfolio reviews for Artist Alley, and I wasn’t expecting to be able to attend this year, since I didn’t submit early enough and had been on the waiting list, but at the beginning of the month, out of the blue, I got an email saying that there were still spaces available if I was still interested, so naturally I jumped all over it. ^_^

So, having been gone since 2008, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this Ohayocon.  Sure, I’ve expanded my table offerings quite a bit since then, but you never can tell with these things sometimes.  Lucky for me, I had a pretty great spot at the end of a row, right next to the Dealer’s Room entrance, so there were very few times that there wasn’t any foot traffic coming my way.

I’ll cut right to the chase:  this con knocked Youmacon down from the Best Con Ever pedestal!  I had more sales than I ever have before, which is a wonderful way to begin the new year, right after having finished my accounting for the last year. ^_^;  I sold a copy each of Garanos Vol. 1 and 2, but unfortunately I only had the one copy of Vol. 1 to sell, and thus it was hard to sell any more books than that.  I did sell my remaining copies of Alex’s Guide, too.

In between the zillions of Dollar Drawings, I also did two sketch commissions.  One of some kitties, and one of Hell Girl.  I took some pictures of the finished sketches with my new digital camera:

Jan 31 2010 - 014 Jan 31 2010 - 017

Since this was a local con and I’m trying to reduce my costs this year, I aggressively cut out unnecessary spending this weekend.  Chris and I took the city buses to and from the convention center on Friday and Saturday, packed our lunches and dinners, and pretty much didn’t spend anything outside that.  The only costs were for the table, groceries, and event parking down the street on Sunday, which was only $7, so we would have the car handy for teardown.  All in all, a very successful con on every front. ^_^  Around 7 or 8 Garanos readers also came by to say hello, which was fantastic!  I’m almost out of the mini-buttons I’ve been giving away to readers now.

The only thing I would’ve done differently, had I been able to, was to have more copies of Garanos Vol. 1 on hand, since I probably could have sold another copy or two over the weekend.  Unfortunately, when I got the email that I could have a table, it was too late for me to order books in time for the show, due to Ka-Blam’s 4-week turnaround time.

I’m also happy that people put quite a dent in the clearance buttons that I still have left.  I formally discontinued the Naruto village symbol pins, as well as some of the unpopular sushi and a few other miscellaneous ones.  Now I have just a handful of sushi left, and about 50 or so Naruto left, which is a lot less than what I started with.

One of the things we observed is that Ohayocon always makes sure to put Artist Alley on the path to things, so that people have to travel through it to get somewhere, be it the Dealer’s Room or Main Events, like in 2007.  Cons that make Artist Alley a destination in itself seem to be the ones that don’t do so well, but Ohayocon is one that’s consistently lucrative because of how they arrange their convention.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to go back again next year.

You can see all my photos on Flickr here. Despite having the new camera, I’m surprised I didn’t take more pictures!  I guess I’m not used to being able to whip it out whenever I want. ^_^