This past weekend, I exhibited at SPACE, the local independent press show.  It was my second year displaying there, and thankfully more successful than last year; I managed to turn a small profit towards the end of the show on Sunday!

Chris and I were joined by Pete and Katie Tarkulich of Bardsworth and Fairy Magik, who stayed at my place over the weekend.  It was really fun having them, and after a tasty dinner at Hounddog’s Pizza on Saturday night, we got to sample some of Pete’s homebrewed beer!  And I think Harriet went into a Kitty Coma with so many people paying attention to her.

I participated in two panels this year, the first being a webcomics panel moderated by Lora Innes of The Dreamer.  Also on the panel were Michael R. Neno, Tom Dell’Aringa, and Ryan Dow.  We collectively decided we didn’t want to do a how-to panel on webcomics, so instead we talked about the internet as a medium, and the pros and cons of that, and it was a really really great discussion.  The turnout was great, too, so I’m really pleased with how it went. ^_^

My second panel was an impromptu discussion on Epic Comics, and approaches to longform comics.  I was joined again by Michael R. Neno, as well as Tom Scioli and Rafer Roberts.  Since it was first thing on Sunday morning, the attendance was rather sparse, but again, it was a great discussion between the four of us.

As far as I know, both panels I was on were recorded in some fashion, so if I can, I’ll try to track down copies of them to share.

We did a couple things differently from my usual conventions.  I left the Pokemon and Sailor Moon buttons off the button board, and focused on Garanos and Sushi buttons, as well as keychains.  I made a little display especially for The Shepherd, since I finally got to making the Goddess coaster set that we first thought of at SPACE last year, as well as keychains.

The DYF4$1 signs were also more subdued, since I wanted to keep it a little more conservative and tasteful.

I did get to do one color drawing among the regular ones.  Chris commented that the $Drawings at this con seemed to be overall more interesting than the ones I’ve done before, and there’s a few factors involved with that one… First, I drew more adults and older folks at this con, and I have always taken a more caricaturey approach with those people than I do with teenagers, since I can pretty much get away with using the same face for everyone of that age group.  Second, I’ve gotten better at caricaturing in general in the last few months.  Third, I’ve improved on a grander scale over the years, so that was added on top of the other two. ^_^

But I have to agree that this weekend’s $Drawings were pretty awesome overall.

I also did a quickie sketch of Black Canary that I really liked!

Here’s a list of the rest of the shout-outs!