Alex holding a very large strawberry with a giant smile on her face.

The strawberries in the consuite were HUGE! 8D

My third year going to Marcon marked my first attempt at doing a convention art show, as opposed to Artist Alley/Dealer’s Room.  I entered 5 pieces into the show: all four Shepherd goddesses, which I printed up at 16 x 20 and framed, and Garanos With Spines, which was in the Toon Award Exhibition.  I also put several prints in the Print Shop.

All in all, I think I had a successful taking!  Two goddesses and a few prints were purchased, and there were minimal fees since I hung my art myself, so I think this was a pretty good first try.  I recently put my art in InConJunction’s art show, as well, and I sold a similar amount.  Right now, it’s all about repetition and getting my art out to shows so I start building exposure and familiarity.

Apart from the art show, Chris and I went to a few panels, gave blood at the annual blood drive, and played lots of games.  We made a new friend, a fellow artist named Squish, who was running games all weekend.  One of them was Betrayal at House on the Hill, which is a really awesome exploration board game with a horror theme.  Another game I really enjoyed was Kung Fu Fighting, which is a card game.

Unfortunately, next Memorial Day weekend, I have a wedding to attend, so I will sadly miss Marcon 46, which is going to have a historical fantasy theme. Sad tears of sadness. ;_;