Glass City Con was last weekend, in Perrysburg, OH.  It was a very good trip, and I have to thank the con staff for taking care of us all weekend.  Granted, my sister and several of my friends were part of staff, but everyone else was still awesome too! ^_~

As I’ve shared on my blog before, I’m the convention artist for Glass City Con, and I did all the artwork that appeared on badges and signs this year, as well as two t-shirts.  I did everything but the program guide cover, which was submitted by another artist, and since I ran out of time, gave my blessing for another artist to grace the cover. ^_^;;

Anyways, one of my t-shirts was the Fuku Fight logo for this year, and the other was this awesome sketchy version of my Doujin BUF.

I ran a Photoshop panel on Sunday morning that went pretty well, considering it started a little bit late.  I did a coloring demo on the 3D Glasses Fuku, and about 10 people were in attendance!  After last year’s turnout of 2, I was thrilled with the attendance.

The only thing I will complain about with this convention is that the air conditioning in the entire building was AWFUL for some reason.  There were short periods where the temperature went down a little bit, but for the most part it was ridiculously hot. ;_;

I also forgot my corkboard in Columbus, so I had to go to Meijer on Friday night to get a temporary replacement.  The trouble with bulletin boards these days is that they’re a thin layer of cork over cardboard… that means they’re fine for straight-on puncturing with thumbtacks and the like, but for my buttons, which are pushed in at an extreme angle, they fall apart rapidly.  My other corkboard is older, and is made of half-inch-thick cork with a backing board, so it’s more resilient than the cardboard types.  It still looked okay, but I would’ve preferred my black one.

This convention also had 8-foot tables as opposed to the 6-foot tables we’re used to in the AA, so it was nice to spread out a little bit. :D

After two weekends of traveling and eating fast food, I’m ready for a few weeks off.  ^_^;; Thankfully, I have a break until Matsuricon in August, so in the meantime, I think I’m going to have some carrot sticks and detox and pass out.