BODYSLAM! was a fundraiser for Love Your Body Detroit, an activist group promoting body acceptance in the Detroit area. I heard about the event through Amanda’s blog, Fat Waitress, which is part of the Notes from the Fatosphere feed. They called for artists and speakers last December, so I signed up to see if I could perhaps branch out into a new audience.

The atmosphere of the event was really nice. I haven’t gotten to hang around a large group of body-positive people since the Fatshionista meetup I attended last year. I made up my display to showcase my OOTD illustrations, and they got a very good reception. I made prints of my 6 favorite drawings, a few of which I even sold! I also designed a set of body-positive slogan buttons to debut at the event.

I sold a few copies of Alex’s Guide, several dollar drawings, and even a few buttons. Amanda’s got video of all the speakers up on her blog if you want to see them, too!

Wenesday Lee Friday (Color Drawing)

(scan by Wednesday Lee Friday)

My neighbor in the row of artists was Wednesday Lee Friday, a local author, who also bought a color drawing from me!

I must say, it was liberating to not be afraid/hesitant to draw someone fat, as it is at pretty much all of the other conventions I show at.

After the show was over, I drove back to Toledo for the tail-end of my sister’s birthday Trek Move Marathon, which was a joint effort with her BFF, Amanda. (I saw Star Trek IV for the first time!)

Pretty good weekend. :D