FCA Photo 9

Time to catch up on some con reports.

So!  The Festival of Cartoon Art is a triennial event held by the OSU Cartoon Library and Museum.  I missed out on going in 2007, when I could’ve used my student status to get a huge discount on admission, so I was not going to miss out on it this time around.

Thursday was full of academics presenting their papers on various subjects about comics, followed by a celebration of 100 years of the comic strip Krazy Kat. There was also a reception down by the Cartoon Library, so I got to say hello to some of my old coworkers. ^_^  I caught up with Paul Fell once again, and got to rub shoulders with some pretty huge giants.

FCA Photo 2

Friday was the first day of speakers at the Festival Forum: Tony Cochran, Jen Sorensen, Dave Kellett, Paul Levtiz, Dan Piraro, and a couple others whose names I can’t recall.  Dave’s talk was especially relevant to me, being a fellow webcomicker, and it is fortunately all on YouTube!

That night, there was another reception downtown at the Hyatt!  I ran into Tom Richmond, who introduced me to several other people who were starting to put comics online, so we got to talk shop about it.  I took my Epic T-Shirt with me and got several more awesome people to add their signatures to it, including Dan Piraro, who was nothing short of hilarious.

Saturday was the second day of the Festival Forum: Steve Breen, Jan Eliot, a Tribute to Jay Kennedy, Gene Luen Yang, and Roz Chast.

I really loved hearing Jan’s talk about cartooning for the New Yorker, and Gene Luen Yang’s comic “American Born Chinese” really needs to get onto my reading list like NOW.

FCA Photo 13

The climax of the evening, of course, was an Evening with Matt Groening at Mershon Auditorium.  It’s old news now, but they discussed the then-recent Simpsons couch gag that was directed by Banksy, as well as a preview of that year’s Treehouse of Horror episode.

FCA Photo 47

Sunday’s big event was the Art Spiegelman talk!  He spoke all about his various publications and such throughout the years, from Maus to Raw to the New Yorker.  I totally brushed by him at one of the receptions over the weekend, so my cardigan had Art Speigelman molecules on it.  Brrrr.

Probably the most awesome thing that came out of the weekend was getting to hang out with Max, Canada, and Kira a little bit, and getting a more official invitation to join Sunday Comix, which I’ve been attending almost weekly ever since.  ^_^

You can see the rest of the photos I took here.