Ohayocon 2011 vendor room

Ohayocon's vendor room. You can see us waaaay off in the distance, the last Artist Alley table at the end of the balcony. Photo by Lady Wolf Star.

Ohayocon was about a 10 on the awesome scale. I had a lot of misgivings going into this show, since for the first time, the artist alley was put in its own separate space, not in a hallway or on the way to another destination like it was in years past. The alley was placed in a U-shaped balcony/mezzanine area in the Battelle Grand ballroom of the Columbus Convention Center, while the dealer’s room was on the floor of the Battelle room.

But it turned out I had nothing to fear from the location, since foot traffic was pretty great all weekend. It seemed like the staff made a point of directing people up to us, and I suppose that the artist alley is more of a hotspot at Ohayocon than it is at some other conventions, so there you go.

This Ohayocon toppled the previous year’s record of Best Con Sales Evar, too. We saw a lot of friends, I got a few more people added to my Epic Shirt, and all was well.

Alex and Jon had the most epically tech table I’ve ever seen! Jon’s iPad was showing off NNFB pages, and he had this little attachment that let him take credit card sales, as well as an app that kept a tally of his sales. After boggling at that setup, I slunk back to my table with my quaint little paper tally sheet, feeling like a bit of a luddite.

The only disappointment I suffered during the weekend was that I missed out on saying hello to the Foglios, who author Girl Genius. Hopefully they’ll get back to this part of the country sometime soon so I can rectify this!