Youmacon 2010 was a bit of a disappointment. I recall saying in my 2009 annual report that I hoped that the luck I’d had with Youma that year wasn’t just a stroke of beginner’s luck, but luck did not take my side in 2010.

The convention changed venues this year to the Detroit Renaissance Center, which is a huge facility of maze-like catwalks and elevators connected to a high-rise hotel. For having so much space, however, the areas the convention used seemed unusually packed. It’s wonderful that Youmacon is growing, but the artist alley in particular was way too crowded, and made it hard for people to actually stop and look at a comfortable pace because people would be lurking behind them, wanting to get by.

I made less than half of what I did in 09. I attribute it equally to the crowding, the location of my table, and the fact that my across-the-aisle neighbors, The Beargieful Empire of Creative Enterprises, were like a black hole of button sales, so I didn’t sell many buttons myself. It’s certainly not their fault, it just happens. I experience a similar phenomenon whenever I’m placed next to Disjointed Images. ^_^;;

And of course, I can’t go without mentioning the horrendous elevator clogging that goes on at conventions of this size. The task is tripled in difficulty when you’ve got a dolly of artist alley supplies to take up to the 35th floor of a high-rise. On Sunday morning when I was trying to move my car to a nearby garage for a quick getaway after teardown, I ended up walking down the 35 flights of stairs because the elevators were taking too long. ^_^;; The next few days, my legs were like clay.

But there were good things about Youmacon, too! I got to debut the Corn, for one! And I also met more than a few readers, including some new faces, who now read Alex’s Guide. I also got to hang out with Kelly, Amanda, Natalie, and Trae, better known as OLAC, all weekend. ^_^ Since Sunday night was Halloween, I also stopped in Toledo on my way home from the convention to hand out candy at my parents’ house.

I’m not sure if I’ll be going back to Youma this year yet. I’ll definitely keep it on my radar, but I’m really hoping they go to a different venue this year, or alternately, plan the artist alley space better so everyone has room to breathe.