My con reports have been few and far between as of late!  That kind of thing happens, I think, when you start doing a lot of the same shows year after year, and there ceases to be anything new to say about the experiences.

This year, I also did far fewer shows than I have in years past (fun story about that for another time) so I haven’t had much to even talk about in the first place!

But this past weekend, I went to Cleveland Comic Con, a one-day show in Independence, Ohio.  It’s a brand new event, this being its first year, and it’s run by the same people behind ColossalCon, an excellent anime convention that takes place in Sandusky, Ohio, in early summer.  (Fun fact: ColossalCon used to be in Cleveland. It was originally named Cleveland Colossal Convention.)

This year hasn’t been especially kind to me, Kickstarter notwithstanding, and after an abysmal experience at Independents’ Day a few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised by Cleveland Comic Con.  I don’t quite remember how I first heard about this show, but when I emailed the Dealer’s Room person asking about table prices, they were kind enough to offer me a free table, since I’m an industry person!  And they even put me on their website as a guest!

While we were setting up the table, a staffer came around to all the dealers setting up and offered us tickets to the hotel’s breakfast buffet!  They said they’d bought too many, so we were welcome to use them, which was AWESOME.  Chris hadn’t eaten ANY breakfast yet, and I was feeling peckish after being up since 5AM, so my Second Breakfast was just what I needed to get the day off on the right foot.

There was a (not long) line of people who were waiting to get into the Dealer’s Room right at 10AM, and there was really steady foot traffic all day!  There were several moments where it was legit PACKED throughout the day.  The crowd was very friendly, I chatted with a lot of people about webcomics, and I handed out lots of my business cards.  The hotel also had free wifi, which was helpful for tweeting pictures and taking credit cards with my iPod touch.

And as if the con staff wasn’t already nice enough, around lunchtime they sent a couple guys around to get orders for box lunches– for FREE.  Chris and I were looking up what foodstuff was close to the hotel and what we wanted to get at the EXACT moment the guys came around to us.  I don’t even remember the last time a con fed me.  We were so happy. :D

I had been under the impression that the Dealer’s Room was open for the same hours that the convention was, 10AM to 9PM, but the room actually closed around 4:15, to my surprise.  That info wasn’t listed on the website leading up to the con, and it would have been nice to know, but the day went really really well otherwise, so I was only mildly perturbed.  We packed up and got back to Columbus at a reasonable hour, so I’m not going to complain too much!

In conclusion, Cleveland Comic Con was a bright spot in what’s been a rough period for me, and I will gladly go back again if they have it next year.  This picture pretty much sums it up: